Dreams of Jeannie

So I got a late start on the Halloween costumes this year, then postponed everything for a few weeks because of physical therapy, but I finished both girl's costumes in time for Halloween parties this weekend!
Originally we had bought Miri a mermaid costume at Costco. It was so colorful, so enticing, and it including not only a matching headband but a necklace and bracelet as well. But it was cheap material, unlined, and too itchy for her to wear. So I returned it and we began to look online at costume patterns. After lots of tears and indecision, and general lack of what exactly a costume entails, I managed to get Miri to decide on a "genie" costume. To her it's like a Jasmine costume, so she has told everyone that she is a "Jasmine genie" for Halloween. I let her pick out the material and trims. She did a not bad job. The pattern was almost impossible to execute in such a way that all the seams wouldn't bother her. I did my best.

Celina decided to be Aisling from "The Secret of Kells". If you haven't heard of this movie, or worse yet, haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself to do so. Nouveau Disney in their wildest dreams will never be able to aspire to something as visually incredible as this animated gem.

I offered to make Lina a grey tunic; she declined. So we bought a tank top at Old Navy and some grey yoga pants too. I sewed beaded fringe to the shoulders and hem of the tank. Then I bought her some Little Laundry boots. I tried to find a white wig but I guess they aren't big sellers in the South, because I could not find a single one, not even in adult sizes. I wound up buying the colored hairspray, which we used only once because she hates the smell and the feel of her hair. Eventually she got really embarrassed to say what she was, so she would tell people things like "Irish dance fairy" and "forest fairy" which just made people wonder where her wings were.
Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the first go-round in their costumes on Saturday; this is from Halloween night, so it will have to do.


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