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La Libby

Sketched this for my daughter. Libby still really hates being stared at. I could barely finish this before she ran away from me. I think her the eyes do look like hers though.

It IS Possible!

I have been saying for years that I would try to develop a healthier cake, besides my signature Mesquite Pumpkin one. I think I may have finally gotten a little closer.
My girls like cupcakes in any shape or fashion. But I can't bring myself to buy ones from either the grocery store or from the local cupcake shop. So I promised we would make our own. The original plan was to make them, make our own frosting, then make our own fondant roses for the tops. But after two rounds of dish-washing I was beat. So here are our sugar-free cupcakes. They aren't totally Belly Good - they are made with bread flour because soy flour is disgusting- but they taste great. (For more info on what Belly Good is, look up Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure online. I'm not worried about my children getting fat, I'm worried about diabetes, tooth decay, high cholesterol, etc.) The frosting is also sugar-free and it turned out even better than when I make it with powdered sugar or baker's sug…

A Tale of Two Shirts

The first one I made to wear for Christmas out of teal and aqua wool knit. I took a pattern I found online at and altered the neckline since I didn't want a turtleneck. I picked it because I liked the unusual sleeves and the gathering at the bust. I accidentally cut it a little too wide. To remedy the situation, I took a leftover scrap of  fabric, gathered it at intervals, and sewed in to the neckline. It needs to be taken in at the waist a little, but since I didn't have time before I wore it I guess I'll have to get around to it later.

The only problem I have with this fabric is that it's so slippery, so I'm constantly re-adjusting the sleeves. I'm pretty sure there's got to be a way to fix that with some adjustments to my seams, so I'll have to work on it. But it turned out well on the whole. Eventually I will get around to finishing the skirt that I made to go with it. I ran out of time before Christmas and wound up wearing a black ski…