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An Unexpected Gift

I don't like giving people ordinary things for extraordinary events, if I can help it. For my cousin's son's baptism, I had this brilliant idea in my head to make something meaningful for the day that the kid could actually do something with (as opposed to a nice picture frame, or something to hang on the wall - not bad gifts, but not really a source of fun for baby as he gets older). I came up with the idea to make a peg doll of baby's name saint, since they seem to be all over the internet lately. But when I went to get the wooden dolls to paint, I found something even more useful and fun - a blank puzzle.
     It needs to be said that all my supplies are still packed up and in storage so I had to operate not only on an extreme time crunch ( I had 1.5 hours one night, and 2 hours another night, to design and execute the whole thing) but with very very limited resources. This puzzle isn't as polished or as detailed as I would have liked it to be, but consider…