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Old Town Albuquerque 2

A sketch of my girls peeking in a window to an art gallery. I'm getting a little better at proportioning without the ability to erase my mistakes. My favorite part about this picture is that I can tell it's my girls and their mannerisms are pretty spot on.

Old Town Albuquerque

I'm trying to get some practice drawing landscapes and backgrounds. I took a lot of reference photos on our cross-country journeys for this exact purpose. And here is a sketch of Old Town Albuquerque. Lots of interesting architecture with lots of interesting little details. I realize my perspective is a little off on the planters in the foreground, but overall I'm pleased with how it came out. Especially compared to my last attempt at drawing. Behold a sketch I made while on the train from the Grand Canyon. Granted, the train was moving, so I was trying to do what I could at a rapid pace, and  I was trying to do it in color, which changes everything, but...bleh.