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For the Grads

I was asked by our school to make illuminated manuscript-style bookmarks for those graduating from high school. Each was to be unique. Included in the design would be each student's individual interests. Let's not talk about how creative I had to be with depicting some of them in illustrated form.  I couldn't have done it without the suggestions of some really great people- you know who you are, so thank you!

     I decided to make three different designs for the boys and three for the girls. The boys would all be done with knot work and Celtic style elements, and the girls would be inspired by Gothic manuscripts. This gave me a basic template to add the interests to.
     Each bookmark was transferred from my master drawing, inked, filled in with yellow gold, gold, copper or silver ink; painted with color, inked again, filled in with metallic color, and painted with tiny details (mostly dots). As a final touch, the name of each new owner was written on the back in gothic …