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In Which I Dabble in the Theater

Are you ready for some serious insanity?  Brace yourselves and get ready for a seriously long post explaining what I've been doing for many many months. (So grab your smoking jacket- and a bib...kudos to you if you know what I'm talking about!) By the end of it you'll see why I haven't posted since Halloween.
     I agreed to help out with costumes for a production of an Irish-style Nutcracker. Not just because I can sew, but because I was the only person who volunteered to do it. So basically I was told what was needed (or I helped decide it), was given the dancers' measurements, and then I drafted patterns.
First I made costumes for the three girls doing The Claddagh Ring Dance. As a cheap and easy solution I came up with the idea that they could look like Roman Goddesses, dressed in what would look like liquid metal. This way, the costumes could be worn by different girls of different sizes year after year without much need to alter them.
     The costumes…