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I went to get my driver's license Wednesday at the State Trooper's office on the arsenal. It's something you can only do on Wednesdays. I could have done it at the Athens city courthouse instead but I tried that once and was told to come back in 5.5 hours. Anyways, it took a lot longer than I thought it would. Supposedly the computer system was acting up as an after-affect of the tornadoes. So I waited for three hours even though I was the third person in line. I had Jeff come get Miri and after I had thoroughly checked my email and the weather numerous times, I hit on a brilliant idea. In the folder with our important documents was an old calendar from when Lina first started school here. Using the back of the paper, I managed to make a few motion sketches of the lucky souls who were only there to get tags for their cars (the computer system was working just fine for THEM). It was harder than I thought it would be; army people stare at people a lot more than is normal, so…