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Pumpkin Muffins and Chocolate Cakes

Alright, for everyone who asked, here are my versions of the recipes for healthy pumpkin muffins and 2-minute Chocolate Cake. I just want to say that I have made many many different versions of a healthy pumpkin muffin and completely bombed on all of them. Enough to make me want to give up baking and being healthy altogether. But I really wanted pumpkin muffins and I'd been having a string of successes with my baking so I decided to try this recipe from Here is the link to the original recipe:
I like my muffins to taste like pumpkin if I make pumpkin muffins, so I added more as well as some mini chocolate chips because my girls asked for them. Then I added extra vanilla to help mask the tasted of the whey protein powder that my family detests.  I use Jay Robb brand, because it doesn't have any sugar (sweetened with stevia) but I hear there are a few other brands of whey protein out there with…


A sketch of one of the inner courtyards of Tlaquepaque in Sedona, Az. We were told it was an "artist community" and decided to go check it out. Turns out its really just a bunch of shops and galleries, not where artists actually live. I vaguely remember visiting as a child.
But anyways it was pretty and worth my taking lots of reference photos for later.