It IS Possible!

I have been saying for years that I would try to develop a healthier cake, besides my signature Mesquite Pumpkin one. I think I may have finally gotten a little closer.
My girls like cupcakes in any shape or fashion. But I can't bring myself to buy ones from either the grocery store or from the local cupcake shop. So I promised we would make our own. The original plan was to make them, make our own frosting, then make our own fondant roses for the tops. But after two rounds of dish-washing I was beat. So here are our sugar-free cupcakes. They aren't totally Belly Good - they are made with bread flour because soy flour is disgusting- but they taste great. (For more info on what Belly Good is, look up Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure online. I'm not worried about my children getting fat, I'm worried about diabetes, tooth decay, high cholesterol, etc.) The frosting is also sugar-free and it turned out even better than when I make it with powdered sugar or baker's sugar. We used Truvia as our sweetener. Stevia is disgusting, xylitol upsets my girls' stomachs, and I don't know why I didn't use maltitol, but I didn't. Like I said before, I was completely wiped out after all this and had no energy for making fondant. So I let the girls use regular old Belly Bad sprinkles and sugar pearls. At least most of the cupcake is sugar free, right? Not many people can claim a cupcake that is actually GOOD for your teeth. I just have to work on finding a better kind of food dye. I know Seelect Teas makes ones, but they are so ungodly expensive I don't know that I would ever buy them.
Anyways, my oldest decorated the blue ones and my youngest did the pinkish red ones.

If you are wondering why there aren't too many cupcakes in the pictures, it's because my girls ate some.


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