This and That

The last time I posted, it took so long that I drew my empty teacup and my mesquite chocolate chip cookie while I was waiting. And then I waited some more. Not my best drawing, but I was interrupted by some late-night revelers (my children) and had to go regulate. Then I lost interest in the drawing and just wanted to eat the cookie. And that's the end of this story.

I know what you're thinking...not ANOTHER construction workers drawing. But this one, ladies and gentlemen, is different. I was lucky enough to be parked at such an angle that the building actually LOOKS like a building. And I had to preserve the moment. You can see windows, and even doors. The sad thing is that construction workers are rather boring. They just sort of walk around and point to things and argue with eachother. Which is exactly was these two guys are doing (guy #2 is the round hat you see at the bottom middle of the page. I ran out of room). But the good news is I have decided not to draw them anymore unless they decide to become more physically active. I will instead draw more interesting things.

I thought this one was going to turn out so good. I really did. Libby lies around all the time so she makes perfect drawing material. But Libby, as it turns out, does not like to be drawn. Or stared at. She gave me a few uneasy looks when I got out my sketchbook and stood in front of her. She clearly didn't know what I was doing and she didn't like it. Then when she saw me staring at her rump, she moved her leg and shifted her body position. When she saw me stare at her paw, she moved it back a little bit. When she saw me stare at her head, she turned away. Then she sighed and grumbled to herself about how I should be petting her and playing fetch instead of staring at her intently with a little book in my hands.
What she doesn't know is that I'm going to draw her again. And I'll be quicker next time. So there.


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