Behold, the Moleskine!

I finally bought a little Moleskine for myself and am trying to draw every day in an effort to get better after all this time. So bear with me until the drawings get better, ok?
I decided to start while waiting in line to get Lina from school. The construction workers were out, like they usually are, and I thought what with the architecture it would be a good place to start. The longer I drew the more I realized that this is the most whacked out building I've ever seen outside of Sarah Winchester's house (not that I've ever been there). There's all these walls that don't really serve any purpose, and lots of pointy rooftops and panels, panels, panels. I hope it makes more sense when it's done but if the current inside of the original is any indication, this is going to be one massive labyrinth. I can't go to church without getting lost. Sad but true.
The next day I was farther down the line and the sun was in my eyes so annoyingly that I could barely see. The silhouette of the construction workers on the rooftop caught my eye, and out came the notebook. I didn't do a very good job; even carrying boards up to the top they were way to fast for my untrained hands. But it's the thought that counts. So far my subjects have been of the Hispanic breed with sweatshirts and jeans but one of these days I am to capture the true spirit of Alabama in one of the workers in overalls and a baseball cap.


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