Colored Pencils

A look back at some of my old work with colored (and uncolored!) pencils.

 I made this back in high school. The features, hair and dress I made up, but I looked at myself in the mirror for a reference. I remember how surprised people were at school that I could do something so amazing as drawing from a mirror. But those were simpler times.

 I drew a bunch of these and hung them up in my room. I particularly liked copying pictures of less popular characters, and I will say this: the more "classic" and old school you go, the harder they are to draw correctly.

Ah, my first foray into the world of the mechanical pencil. It was all I had to draw with, and the tip broke off. But that was lucky for me, because I discovered that you can get crazy small details that are harder to get with a regular pencil. Unless you have a really good pencil sharpener, which I definitely didn't at that time. The actual size of this picture is quite small.

 A pretend advertisement I had to do for school. I had no idea what those blue flower things were, but I saw them in a magazine and knew I had to draw them. Years later I saw the actual flowers in Virginia, but I forget what they are called.

 There's nothing like putting together magazine pictures to make your own composition. Ours had to have food, wood, glass, and metal so I think this met the criteria.

It met the criteria so well that we had to re-do it in black and white. Color was definitely harder. Well, that's all for this trip down memory lane. Until next time!


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