The Book of Kells: The Letter G

This is just one letter in a whole page of script attributed to someone known as "Scribe A".  I was intrigued by the bird head at the end of the letter. And then there's that weird eye-looking thing at the top. I've never seen anything like it. As you can see, it took me more than one try to get the whole thing to look cohesive.

 Attempt #1. It kind of looks like a G, but not really like the one in the book. I figured out that the tail was too long and the "eye" was too big. You can clearly see where I erased. And no, I didn't use a ruler or french curves or anything that probably would've made it look more fluid. Just me, my eyes, and my pencil (and my eraser).
 I think the inking is and always will be my favorite part. It's so relaxing. And also so rewarding once things get going.
Last time I used Crayola markers. Which worked fine, but color-wise was a little limiting. Laser lemon just can't get close to the lovely golden hue used in the Book of Kells. This time I used Stabilo artist pens. They are ok. I still prefer my inks.
You may be wondering why I keep showing the process of creation. Well, sometimes it's nice to see just the pencil rendering, or just the black and white version. They have a nice quality all their own that sometimes gets lost in the full-color finished pieces.
 I realize how out of practice I am at copying teeny tiny drawings on a large scale, particularly a larger scale than what I'm comfortable with. So yeah, mine is awkward compared to the original, but I'll wont' get better if I don't practice.


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