Christmas in Killarney - The Rush Order

3 days ago a certain someone was feeling pouty about I don't even remember what. While we were on our daily family walk, we started talking and it came out that she really really wanted to wear something that looked like an Irish dance costume for her upcoming Christmas program. (Side note: this was most likely influenced by the fact that we had just finished reading "Girls of Many Lands: Kathleen", an out-of-print book by the American Girl company about an Irish girl in the 1930s who learns to dance. Her family is poor, and has no $$ for making a costume, but her aunt is inspired by reading "Gone With the Wind" and comes up with a great idea. Which in turn inspired my daughter...) I suggested she wear one of the new dresses I bought her for her birthday. Not good enough. We talked back and forth and I admitted that I had bought some lovely turquoise blue plaid flannel but hadn't decided what to do with it, exactly. I offered to make her a ruffled skirt out of it, and she could wear a white shirt on top. Anyways, long story short, she looked at the material, at the pattern I had, and agreed to it.
I was too tired (still getting over being sick - stupid Target cookie) to start on Saturday night, so I started Sunday night and finished Monday night. This pattern (a Simplicity Lizzie McGuire one) was cute, but more than a little confusing because it contained a few typos. Were I to make another one, I would definitely make it a little differently - on this one, the top ruffle is really poufy and a little awkward because it's attached to the yoke first, and then that massive glut of material is attached to the rest of the skirt. But my daughter loves it. Which is what counts. And it will keep her warm, which is rare in something she loves.

Because I love her, and because the outfit needed a little extra something, I offered to make her matching hair clips. She told me she wanted rosettes. After hemming and hawing and arguing back and forth, she told me she wanted just one medium sized rosette on the clip. Which looked weird, since the clip was way too long for the rosette. So I came up with a sort of pleated covering for the rest of it. Then she wanted pearls in the middle of the rosettes. I put those on too. Personally, these look a little weird to me but they are exactly what she wanted. Sometimes one has to do what the client wants no matter one's own feelings on the matter. This was one of those times.
Here is the satisfied client eating her cookies and punch after the Advent program.
Does she look like an Irish dancer? Sort of?


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