The Whole 1 Yard

AHHHHHH...feels so good not to have any deadlines. To not have any tricky mathematical problems to solve. Any squirmy children to fit. To celebrate, I decided to make something for myself. I took one yard of purple knit fabric that I was actually saving to make a blouse and used it to make a dress.

I'm not so good at fitting things on myself yet but this one was supposed to be loose so it was ok. This is probably the first time I've ever sewn something that was so no-frills and plain. But...I only had 1 yard of material, so I did the best with what I had. Lucky for me I'm so short.
The dress has a rounded boatneck collar, a v-necked back, and has a bodice made up of 4 panels.

And I didn't even mention the best part yet: this dress has pockets. Yeah, pockets. Which is hard to find in a dress. Or anything made for a woman. I made mine out of the same gray lining I used for the girls' flower girl dresses. I've had knit jersey clothes with pockets of self-material before and I never want to put anything in them because they sag. Not so with these. So- plain, simple, and functional. 

Did I mention how bad I am at taking pictures of myself? If not, I'm sure it's pretty obvious. Oh well.
Now I just have to get over the loss of my sketches so I can feel like drawing again.


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