Yes, the wedding is over, and now I can reveal what I have been so busy with these past months. I made flower girl dresses for both my girls using a grey cocktail dress as inspiration. The material of the dress was too cheap looking to be used by the bridesmaids in the wedding, but the pleated details were too good to pass up. So, 12 1/2 yards of tulle each later, here are the finished products:
 Each dress is gray dupioni silk, fully lined and tailored specifically to my daughters' body measurements. I love that the bodice of the dress is put together in 5 Georgian-style panels that taper to a point in the front. Difficult to execute, but life's more fun that way. It is VERY hard to find a flower girl dress that is anything better than just ho-hum (unless you like the Belle from Beauty and the Beast look - there are a few of those gaudy monstrosities around). Let's not even talk about how obsolete GRAY dresses are for little girls, let alone dark gray ones. So, I volunteered my services.

 These were taken before the event, obviously, and therefore a little wrinkled. I don't have photos of them with their hair done or anything yet. We also made bracelets out of little silver beads to wear with them, and I made barrettes to go in their hair which we wound up not using.
The dresses themselves were harder than anything else I've done, and went through a few mutations, as I tried other trims on them like rosettes (looked cheap), beads (too sparkly) and flower-like circles of fabric like the ones above.  But I learned a lot and look forward to more frequent posting from now on!


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