Fruits of My Labor - The Miracle Garden

Today we finally had a taste of something we grew ourselves. Our very first cucumber. The girls were SOOO excited when they saw it on the vine and insisted I pick it at once. They almost couldn't contain themselves as I washed it and cut it. Miri wanted to eat it whole. But as soon as I cut the stem off and they realized what it was (a cucumber!) they wanted no part of it. Oh well. It tasted awful nice in my sandwich anyways.
There are at least 4 more hiding under the vines, so I guess we'll be eating a lot of them for a while. I'm still in awe that we managed to grow anything this year. I'm winning my battle with the vile squash bugs and things are finally starting to recover after the tornadoes. Everything is taking a really long time to take off - tomatoes, zucchini, leeks, bell peppers... we've only been able to eat all the herbs so far.
The day after we planted everything, the yard looked like this:
That sad little box on the left is the garden, full of water.  Right after the last big tornado, but before it stopped raining.  By then it was completely covered in rushing water, and the creek behind our house was VERY close to the back porch. We lost only one cucumber plant. But everything else lived, and that's why it's the "Miracle Garden".


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