Girls in the Hoods

The girls decided to be Little Red Riding Hood one rare and sunny day by pinning the nice new jersey pillowcases I just bought around their shoulders. They picked flowers and put them in baskets. They pranced around and held 2 person easter egg hunts. And they were hard for these old hands to draw. But I recognize a little of my old drawing style in this sketch and it pleases me.
I didn't get to finish drawing Lina before they moved on to something else. So I pretended like I didn't see Libby sitting next to me and drew her instead. It was very hard not to let her know I was staring at her. Eventually she caught on to me and got up. I still don't know what she hates more, being drawn or having her picture taken.
A few days later I decided to play with a pastel I had started in Virginia. It's from a picture I took during my college days of Redington Pass in Tucson. Anyways, although it was fun, I can't say I made any improvement on the drawing. Oh well.


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