It's Funfetti Time Again

This is Lina's birthday cake. I admit, since we are packing and doing the million and one things necessary to transition to another state, that I cheated on this one. I really really was going to do it all by myself. And then I realized that that was both stupid and crazy. So I bought ready-made buttercream roses and butterflies made out of feathers to decorate the cake, rather than making them out of fondant like I was going to. But I did paint every rose with sparkly pearlescent glitter powder, and carefully placed lots of edible blue pearls all over the cake. If you want to know why there are both blue and pink roses, it's because Celina wanted blue ones and I thought pink would look better. So I compromised.  I put the pearls on there because I remembered my own mother putting those magical silver nonpareils on my cake at least once in my youth, and they were sooooo good. They were also apparently toxic, and now almost no one makes them anymore. So I thought pearls would be a good substitute, an got blue ones to satisfy Lina's need for everything to be blue on top of her purple cake. I spent much of the time putting them on the cake wondering if my own mother did this with a pair of tweezers too or if she just sort of threw them on there. The pictures don't show how gloriously glittery and shimmery this was in person, but I must say I was rather pleased with how this came out. Even if I cheated. 


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