Unfinished Business - The Big Mama Jama part 2

Ok, so after I redrew MOST of it, I got worried that my progress would get smudged or messed up, and well, I was ansty to have some REAL progress. So I decided to start inking. My confidence in my design skills was (foolishly) enough that I thought by the time I got to the part I hadn't re-drawn, I could just wing it in ink and save myself some time. Not so much.
Second problem: My glorious ink, Sennelier Encre de Chine a la Pagode, did not weather the double cross-country trips well. Rather than wait for a few weeks to order some more, I went out and bought the only ink I could find: crummy Speedball Calligrapher's Ink. I figured it would be ok since it's what I used to use when I first started doing illuminations in the first place. But it looks awful next to the nice, dark shiny lettering. Darn.
Third problem: in an effort to console myself about my stupid purchase, I decided to start playing around with the guilding aspect. Which brings us to yet another problem: how to guild. My mind drew a complete blank, and looking on the internet provided me absolutely no answers, unless I wanted to guild letters on my firetruck or store-front window (stupid google). I was forced to look through my notes and realized I had never written anything down about it because I used to do it all the time (stupid me). Dogpile finally revealed some relevant info and I was up and running. Until none of the methods for making gold sizing worked. My guess is it must be the extreme humidity here, because I never had any problems in Arizona. Sigh. Which leaves me with this amount of progress:


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