And so I begin again...

After seeing my brother with his little moleskine for a while now, I've decided that even tho' I can't draw on location, or heck, even draw every day, I'm going to get back into the swing of things. As long as my poor hands can take it, I'm going to re-learn drawing, painting, and hopefully even the calligraphy I was once famous for. A recent trip to Disneyland has re-kindled a long-forgotten spark of a dream to be an artist of some, or any sort. So, the Blue Sky Cellar's the Limit! Even if I'm as old as Carl Frederickson when I get there, it'll be worth it!

So, to begin, I chose a fairly simple subject to practice on... an old stock photo of a Burmese woman smoking. I figured it was appropriate, both because she's as old as I will be by the time my hands heal enough for me to have a career, and because she's still livin' it up even tho' she's old. I hope soon to start drawing from photos I've taken, or still-lifes I can set up myself, just for practice. And do some serious painting again.  I know it isn't perfect, especially that left hand, but since my own hands are a little tired, I'm calling it good for my first practice shot and leaving it at that.


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